Being a supervisor essay

This page is referenced from Basic Overview of Supervision. Rarely Have Adequate Training Often, employees are promoted to supervision because of their strong technical expertise -- expertise in building a product or providing a service. Suddenly, the new supervisor is now charged with a whole new range of responsibilities, many of which have little to do with technical expertise. Managers often deal with great deal of paperwork and people.

Being a supervisor essay

Supervision interprets the institutional mission and focuses human and fiscal resources on the promotion of individual and organizational competence. Supervision attends to the accomplishment of the institution and unit's goals and to the personal and professional welfare of the staff.

An effective supervisor provides by assistance to staff members in meeting their personal and professional goals within the context of the division and the institution. Supervision policy should, then, be directed toward the following objectives: Model practice focused on student learning and education of the whole person.

Accomplish the unit and institution's goals and mission. Fulfill the institutional functions assigned to the unit. Coordinate the recruitment and selection process of new staff members.

Coordinate the orientation and training of new hired staff members. Consider the personal and professional welfare of the staff members. Establish good communication between members of the unit and division. Conduct and coordinate the performance appraisal of staff members.

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Address needs of departing and remaining staff members when employee separation occurs. Supervision is ongoing and includes two-way communication to achieve the dual purposes of institutional and staff member development.

Supervision will focus on competence with the supervisor responsible for leadership toward the accomplishment of meeting institutional and staff needs. Staff members should be given clear guidance regarding expectations about their role in the unit.

Therefore, it is important to mention the five other dimensions of the model: Supervision, as the linchpin of the model, permeates each of these dimensions. Consequently, supervision principles as discussed here should not be considered in isolation, rather, should be applied to each dimension of the model.

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Functions of Supervision - Supervision is not always easy. A supervisor is often called upon to make decisions based upon the knowledge and skills which have been acquired through the years of professional involvement.

A supervisor must serve many functions. Articulating and achieving the unit's missions and needs Monitoring and managing the climate of the unit Fostering individual development Developing teamwork capabilities and group resources Coordinating work activities Promoting active problem solving Approaches to Supervision - The process of supervision can take on one or a combination of styles, and one particular style may not be appropriate for every supervisory situation.

It is important that a supervisor is aware of his or her predominate approach to supervision so that the style may be adapted as the situation or the staff member requires. Winston and Creamer provide an instrument to identify supervisory approaches click here for an example.

The four approaches included in the instrument are: Authoritarian - based on the belief that staff members require constant attention Laissez Faire - based on the desire to allow staff members freedom in accomplishing job responsibilities Companionable - based on a friendship-like relationship Synergistic - a cooperative effort between the supervisor and the staff member Synergistic Supervision Synergistic supervision has been described as having the greatest utility for working with student affairs professionals.

Its cooperative nature allows joint effects to exceed the combination of individual efforts. Important characteristics of synergistic supervision include: Dual Focus - Staff members need to feel that they have a significant influence on selecting and defining the goals of the unit and in devising strategies to accomplish them.

If staff members perceive goals as being imposed on them, they may not make a personal investment in trying to achieve the goals of the unit.

Being a supervisor essay

For example, it is a given that a successful Residence Life operation has a process for assigning rooms and roommates to new students. However, the individual staff members can play a large part in defining how that process will most effectively work.

Joint Effort - Supervision is not something done to staff but rather a cooperative activity in which each party has an important contribution to make. Plans for accomplishing tasks such as determining unit priorities, scheduling and distributing work, and coordinating the efforts of the division are worked out jointly between the supervisor and the staff member.

Two-way Communication - In the synergistic model of staffing practices, supervision is dependent upon a high level of trust between staff members and supervisors.

Staff members must be willing to allow supervisors to learn personal information about them.Provide the Extended Essay supervisor with a predicted grade for the essay after the final • It is relevant to the research question being investigated • It is substantiated by the evidence presented Supervisor’s Guide to the IB Extended Essay.

A supervisor sees that employees update records when they receive or release parcels and mail. He confirms and signs records of inventories in short supply, route schedules, stamp stocks, employees’ shift schedule and daily cash receipts.

Free Essay: Being a manager takes a great deal of hard work, dedication, and persistence. In order to achieve the goal of becoming a CEO, necessary skills of. Published: Tue, 02 May A manager is a person with a job of overseeing one or more employees or department to ensure these employees or departments do their job or assigned duties as required.

What a New Sergeant Needs to Know. Tweet: 28 Comments. While being a good street cop is a solid foundation for being a field sergeant, your duties and responsibilities as a field sergeant are vastly different than those of a police officer. This is a good way of getting them, and you, to think of you as the supervisor.

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