Religion relations internationales et diplomatie

French territorial evolution from to

Religion relations internationales et diplomatie

He has been named one of the "three top geopolitical thinkers worldwide, Karl HaushoferHalford Mackinder and Dimitri Kitsikis". He derives his origin from a notable Greek- Orthodox family of intellectuals and acclaimed professionals of 19th-century Greece.

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His uncle, Konstantinos Kitsikis —a celebrated architect, Nicolas' younger brother, was also a professor at the Athens Polytechnic School. During the Greek civil war, at the age of 12, he was sent to a boarding school in Paris, by Octave Merlier[8] the head of the French Institute in Athens, because his mother had been condemned Religion relations internationales et diplomatie death as a communist fighter.

He was expelled from the French University for his active participation as a Maoist in the French student revolt of May He is an admirer of the Byzantine Empire. Kitsikis is thus a Panhellen, a cosmopolitan Greek, holding Greek citizenship, in addition to French and Canadian ones.

Maps of the Byzantine Empire in the mid 6th century top and the Ottoman Empire in the late 17th century bottomwith their capitals in Constantinople Istanbul. Believing in the collaboration of religious communities, as in the millet system of the Ottoman Empire, he worked closely with Shia Muslims in Iran[16] Jews in Israel [17] and Hindu vaishnavs in India.

Although a member of the official Church of Greece, he always sympathised with the Old-Calendarist movement, the adherents of which reject the Church's use of the Gregorian New calendar and maintain a traditionalist attitude towards Christian life and worship.

As Orthodoxy prevailed over the heresy of Iconoclasm in the 9th century and restored the use of the icon in Christian worship, he stands convinced that the Old Calendar will once again be adopted by those Orthodox Churches which rejected it in the earlier part of the 20th century.

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Dimitri Kitsikis was honoured by the Greek State in Kitsikis, since the s, has been the recognised theorist, first in Greece and then in Turkey, of the idea of a Greek-Turkish Confederation, which he has promoted by influencing statesmen, politicians, journalists, artists and thinkers in both countries.

They were even debated in the Greek Parliament. He worked with Israeli Jews and fundamentalist Catholics from Quebecwhere he, along with his students, produced the quarterly journal Aquila eagle which, with a double-headed eagle on the front cover promoted the Byzantine imperial idea in Catholic circles.

However, the idea of a global hellenism is prevalent in all his works and teaching. He is the founder of the branch of study known as Photohistory. He believes that the treatment of the language should be taken out of the hands of Greek philologists who are currently destroying it. He defends the continued use of polytonic Greektraditional spelling and the freedom to write in any literary tone.

He regards as erroneous only the implementation of a Greek form not used from the time of Homer to today. The book is notable in that it homes in on the relationship between the two civilisations throughout their entire history spanning three millennia.

The study raises two concepts: Turkey's previous good neighborly policy seemed to be in accordance with Kitsikian geopolitics but was sabotaged by Ankara's treacherous collaboration with U.

The Empire is risen! The Ottoman world is risen! The Intermediate Region has come again to life!

Les clés du Moyen-Orient

Published works[ edit ] Excluding articles Propagande et pressions en politique internationale. Kiray —Paris and The Hague, Mouton, Athens, Eleuthere Skepsis, Naylor — Ann Arbor, Slavica Publishers, Batu —Paris - Istanbul, Isis, Proceedings of the 2nd International Cypriological Conference— vol.

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Religion relations internationales et diplomatie

A tribute to Panagiotes Kanellopoulos, - Athens, Hestia, An inquiry into Ottoman History through the prism of the Intermediate Region. Osmanlijsko carstvo — Belgrad, Yugoslavia, Platon Editions, Missios - Mytilene,vol.

Kouros — Athens, Esoptron, Kitsikis — Moscow, Ves Mir Editions, Civilisations at the Crossroads:Determining the rights and duties of countries that avoid war when a conflict affects their environment has been a long-term and constantly renewed European process.

La religion est "revenue d'exil" dans les relations internationales, pour reprendre le titre d'un livre sur le sujet. Et ce retour d'exil ne doit pas simplement être vu à travers le prisme du "choc des civilisations", ou du "fondamentalisme".

Théorie des relations internationales.

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Rôle des individus et des groupes, de la culture, de la religion: rationnalité limitée. Refus de la coupure politique interne / politique externe. qualité de la diplomatie. qualité du gouvernement. Pour les réalistes, la puissance est à la fois l’objectif immédiat et le moyen d.

Religion relations internationales et diplomatie

'When the right of peoples to self-determination creates an international law immediately to the advantage of the French Revolution and ultimately for our present world, a brilliant paradoxical book explaining how the French Revolution was a key experiment for our modernity.'.

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