What moral issues does the pinto case raise

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What moral issues does the pinto case raise

I am sure she checked with her source before she posted…. To all appearances, that person came here primarily to attempt to provoke a reaction and then gleefully chortle over having done so, after massive emotional projection onto the various commenters who responded to him or her.

I believe there was an actual point buried beneath her or his tangled web of logic, but it was frankly difficult to discern.

What moral issues does the pinto case raise

In the NCB community … and in the crunchy community in general … it seems that some leaders get and expect worship, not just respect. Well, tried to read it. Then gave up on reading it. No idea what that was about. Truth or consequences You are the most correct of all of the posts! I did want to get a reaction!

The reaction I was looking for was a response from Amy! I can respect Amy for her vast knowledge.


I have no problem with her position. I wanted to see if her followers would stand behind her even if she took some exaggerated liberties with the feelings of all involved in this situation. I guess I wanted to see if Amy could be empathetic and sensitive to those that are grieving.

I am sure she grieved at the loss of life under her care. I am simply a bystander to this tragedy. I see the pain and self reflection by the survivors. I am not interested in being respected. Look at my posts!

It was fake outrage designed to get a response. I wanted to see what kind of people are here? Are they able to see a person in pain and be tolerant? That was my agenda. I have full respect for those that want to have their baby in a hospital. I have full respect for those that are fed up with the treatment they get from the medical system and they are searching for alternatives.

I have my this group. She will reflect on her decisions to post this article. Or not In all fairness to Amy, It would look bad if she took the post down.

It would also look bad if she admitted that she took some liberties at the expense of those that are still grieving. I am leaving in good conscience!

I am sad for the deceased and the grieving. I am sad for what happened here. Eddie If your posts had come across as a person in pain, I and others would have reacted differently. Instead, you came across as someone with an axe to grind. I never got grief from your posts. Instead, I got a mixture of smug and outraged and trying to provoke a reaction.

Still, many of us started out responding in a productive fashion, and only threw our hands in the air after you persisted in posting in that unproductive tone. Despite your stated goal, you were less seeing if people could be empathetic, and you were more probing human psychology.

You got the exact style of responses I would have predicted if I were a lurker here, and the exact style of responses you would get almost anywhere on the internet with that tone.

Nor do I get why you think she would look bad if she found out that the facts were different from what she first assumed and added a disclaimer or comment to that effect. I can see the truth part. I get that part. Again, if you actually wanted a response from Dr Amy, specifically, Email would have been a more productive way to start that conversation, and a different tone here would have gone a long way as well.

What moral issues does the pinto case raise

And as I said before, whatever the actual details, it is absolutely tragic that the mother died.A third source of crime information is the self-report survey.

Here subjects, usually adolescents, are given an anonymous questionnaire and asked to indicate whether and how often they committed various offenses in a specific time period, usually the past year.

What moral issues does the Pinto case raise? The Pinto case shows that producing automobiles without thinking of the customer’s safety is hazardous and costly. The moral of the case is to mind the customers first before the monetary gain.

ence on action and choice is one's moral constitution, it does not follow that the agent's behavior is the same within or without the firm.

and thus their actions raise ethi-cal issues.

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Corporations are rivaled only by government, as formal institutions go, THE FORD PINTO CASE (Douglas Birsch & John H. Fielder eds., );. What moral issues does the Pinto case raise? ANS: The Pinto case raise the moral issues of what is the dollar value of the human life.

That the businesses should not be putting a value on human life and disregard a known deadly danger. In order to perform a risk/benefit analysis, all costs and. 1 Kharas, Pinto, and Ulatov est rate, then, does not raise the supply of domestic lending in the normal fashion.

Moral hazard, a firm’s ability to take its output and default on its loan, forces A Case Study of a Currency Crisis: The Russian Default of lausannecongress2018.com is a platform for academics to share research papers.

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