Write a script to search bing

This allows for the freedom to have any version installed instead of requiring everyone who uses it to ensure they have the specific one I used when writing it. After the API is loaded, it will check for the Exchange cmdlets.

Write a script to search bing

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Created on May 15, Script that has message box pop up if a cell value contains "X" Howdy, I was wondering how I could create a VBA script that checks to see if I've entered a specified value into a cell, and if so, have a message box pop up. I have an excel sheet that I use to keep track of payments out and another of payments coming in.

If I send payment out for Project, I note this in an excel sheet. When I get payment back in for Project, I enter that into a seperate sheet. Can I write a script that, if the words "Project" is entered into column D in any cellI would like a message box popping up saying "Remember, Project has blah blah" [basically popping up with a note that I will type into the VBA script].

Let me know if this could use some clarification, and thank you for any and all help!

write a script to search bing

I have a non-working formula, but am I on the right path? Then if it does contain Project, I would like that message box to pop up.

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Tim Radney of lausannecongress2018.com shows us how we can be proactive in monitoring our I/O subsystems for read/write latency that can affect SQL Server performance.

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